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Welcome! This is the web journal of an up and coming pirate in the cruel and prosperus world that is the EVE Universe. This journal aims to document the victories, misfortunes and learned lessons of a pirate just starting out in the trade. I am currently roaming with FLA5HY RED [FLA5H] and am delving deeper into the world of Piracy. YARRRRR! o7


Commissioned Workz
Here are some works I've done for in-game friends and alliance members:
(click for full size images)

If you would like one made for you then you can send me an EVE-Mail outlining the following:

-What do you want? (forum sig, killboard banner, corp logo etc.)

-What style / theme / features do you want it to have?

-Any size / dimension restrictions if they apply  =  *VERY IMPORTANT*

-Which forum / site it is for? Please provide a url

-A real-world email address to which to send stuff

Currency accepted:  ISK

-Mr Kha