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Welcome! This is the web journal of an up and coming pirate in the cruel and prosperus world that is the EVE Universe. This journal aims to document the victories, misfortunes and learned lessons of a pirate just starting out in the trade. I am currently roaming with FLA5HY RED [FLA5H] and am delving deeper into the world of Piracy. YARRRRR! o7


This is Mr Kha. He is a pirate with the Black Rabbits Academy. He likes to steal things, blow stuff up and torment unprepared pilots wandering through low-sec. This blog is an on-going project to share his experiences with the EVE community. I myself am still relatively new to EVE and hopefully the mis-adventures of a new pirate in space will make for some interesting reading.

Before I even downloaded the EVE client and began my trial I stumbled accross several useful guides aimed at introducing EVE PVP to new players. I was set on becoming a dirty, untrustworthy space-pirate, dwelling in the far reaches of space and preying upon innocent mining bears. After completing the tutorial missions a buddy and I decided to head straight into 0.0 space while we had nothing to lose and a lot to learn. We headed out from Old Man Star and somehow managed to survive almost an hour aimlessley roaming around with no clue what we were doing. After dodging a couple of gate camps and wondering where everybody else in the EVE Universe was we set sail back to our minmatar home and decided we needed to do this properly.

 I went on to do the Epic Arc for the Sisters of Eve but the novelty of mission-running wore off fast and I found myself praying for the arc to finish. With 7m isk and a T1 Rifter to my name me and my buddy signed up to The Southern Cross Empire, a PVP corp I had found in the recruitment channel. We went on our very first fleet op literally within an hour of signing up and things looked terribly exciting. However all the preparation in getting the fleet together, configuring teamspeak, sorting out overview settings and lengthy waiting time ammounted to nothing but blindly following orders through empty nullsec space. 2 hours later we'd had enough and decided to log off feeling somewhat dissapointed.

For my buddy this was the end of the line. EVE definately isn't for everbody and so from here on I was alone in a new universe. Thankfully, I decided to soldier on and went on many more ops which proved to be more action-packed. By now I'd learned how to be part of a fleet and grasped basic concepts such as GCC, session timers, gate aggro, station games and various other things. I stuck with the corp for a couple of months and discovered the joys of ninja salvaging and can flipping in between official corp operations. Me and the corp however clearly had different long term goals. Nullsec territory wars was not my cup of tea and I decided it was time to bring my pvp experience into a pure pirate corporation.

Mr Kha was born as my new pirate toon and I left him to sit in the noob station training skills while my main toon probed down and stole loot and salvage from level 4 mission runners in Dodixie while I made my search for a new corp. I decided to consult the God of Rifter piracy, author of the heralded 'Rifter Drifter' PVP guide and he pointed me in the direction of a few pirate corps for whom he was advertising recruitment. I recalled using a Guristas Asociates youtube video (Piracy 101) to help me get to grips with EVE and decided I would apply here. It was with the Rabbits that I was to learn the trade of Piracy and make some very close friends who were to witness many of my Pirating firsts, such as my first gate camp, first ransom and first go at commanding a fleet. My security status was starting to look more healthy (in pirate terms) and living in low- sec space was becoming almost second nature.

After a couple of months, it became apparant that things weren't quite right and a serious portion of the alliance had planned on leaving to establish their own corp "FLA5HY RED" and I was honoured to be one of the founding members along with my dear friends. We set sail for our new home with much excitmenet and indeed with some sadness. I was launching into the next chapter of my Pirating adventure with the skills I had honed during my time in the academy. Now was the time to expand my abilities further in the cut-throat world of low-sec Piracy and most importantly to have some good old-fashioned fun. There is nothing quite like hearing "POINT!" over Comms and watching the low-sec chase coming to a slow and painful end for the victim as their ship bursts into flames. Scoop the loot, ransom the pod, upload the killmail and head back home to repair and resupply while feeling pretty damn good about yourself.


Mr Kha