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Welcome! This is the web journal of an up and coming pirate in the cruel and prosperus world that is the EVE Universe. This journal aims to document the victories, misfortunes and learned lessons of a pirate just starting out in the trade. I am currently roaming with FLA5HY RED [FLA5H] and am delving deeper into the world of Piracy. YARRRRR! o7

24 September 2010

RL-1 Blog-0

Some sad news...

I've started my 3rd and final year of university and will therefore be putting the blog on hold for now. I have a dissertation to write which is going to make me rather unenthusiastic about any voluntary writing elsewhere.

I am pressing the pause button on this blog and will hope to be back sometimes in the future. There may even be the occaissonal short post, but regular posting is unfortunately probably not going to happen.

Thanks to all who have enjoyed reading.


-Mr Kha


  1. sad to hear the Mr.Kha :-( Hope you will be back to it soon.
    Just as im slowly returning, you and some of my other friends are getting to their time for a short break. Will keep an eye out for you, and i know we will fly together soon again.

  2. Hey mate, been reading for a while now, always a good read, love your work. Hope all goes well look forward to your return (if you come back)


  3. Khhhaaaa, come back or ill keep voting for more posts as well as pritty pics.